HB’s 3 Race Series Report

HB WritesThe Darwin Runners Club Sportsco Road Race Series has been a blast. The three races over a two month period have been at the 5km, 10km and 21.1km distances. I'm very happy with the results in my first ever race series and learnt a lot about ego outrunning the body and body parts getting … [Read more...]

27km Training Run

Sarah's Marathon Training ProgressOn Saturday afternoon I set off at 5pm on a 27km long run. It was still 30C at that time in balmy Darwin Town, but thanks to the Dry Season the humidity is lower and there is also a much needed sea breeze wandering through the streets. As soon as the sunsets the … [Read more...]

Hello 12WBT

5 Reasons I've signed up for another round of 12WBTI look strong and healthy in this pic taken last month.I need a little help to stay this way.Some of you have asked why I've signed up for another round of 12WBT. I have a few simple reasons for doing so and I'm happy to share them with you.1. Lose … [Read more...]

NT City 2 Surf Race Recap

City 2 Surf 12kmsPlanning your race outfit is very important. First off HB was supposed to be writing this post, but he didn't get to race yesterday. The short story is our babysitter cancelled at the last minute and after a heated discussion about who got to stay home, I lost and was in the … [Read more...]

Can Running be Fun?

Fun RunWe've had a few intense weeks of running and to be honest as much as I've loved the feeling of getting better and running faster I've also had a few moments of why am I doing this.Last night we were due to head off to a 5km race and I was looking for any excuse not to go. When Sarah said, I … [Read more...]

Running Naked

 I ran nakedI was embarrassedI was in shockI was confusedI thought people were looking at me strangelyI knew they could see the bare skinI was paranoidI was concernedMy wife was comforting but giggledI thought I would failI thought my legs would not workI could not believe that I did itNo one … [Read more...]

Slow Down Grow Up

The Long Slow RunI was thinking of writing about running fashion.I’m so obsessed with it (as long as it isn't Lorna Jane or Target) that if I had an unlimited credit card I would have Sarah dressed in a different running outfit every day. Then I thought that didn't sound very manly so I stopped … [Read more...]

HB’s 5km First Sub 20 min Race Recap

 Fitness Week #14 of 52HB WritesCompetition does something to old men.It makes us get all Alpha and punch out a big effort in order to let the young bucks know that they aren't ready to take over yet. Joining the running club has opened up something in my brain that had been lying in a pool of … [Read more...]

Stay On Track With One App

Windows 8.1 AppsThis post has been written as part of my involvement with the Microsoft Connections Program.Windows 8.1 comes with some fantastic built in apps:Health & FitnessFood & DrinkTravelReading ListNewsSport FinancePlus there are over 150,000 apps to choose from the Windows App … [Read more...]