Cheers To Good Health

you are not fat you are just a little husky funny meme

FFS Friday Cheers To Good Health My weight has been slowly increasing along with my weekly running mileage ... FFS Same thing happened last year when I was marathon training ... FFS You just wanna eat all the things all the time ... FFS Your brain can no longer register the difference … [Read more...]

Why do I procrastinate?

why do I procrastinate

FFS Friday Why do I procrastinate? I can't believe it's Friday already ... FFS This is the result of having two long weekends in a row and that's it now until Christmas ... FFS I actually sat down just now to do my online grocery shopping, but after adding a few things to my virtual … [Read more...]

Becoming A Minimalist

becoming a minimalist, Move Fuel Love

FFS Friday Becoming A Minimalist Over the past few weeks I have been decluttering like a crazy person ... FFS It's a similar feeling to when you are pregnant and nesting, but just add 10 x more energy and take away the emotion ... No FFS I have filled the boot of our car 5 times with crap … [Read more...]

Trail Runners

amy schumer quote

FFS Friday   Apologies that there has not been an FFS Friday for some time, but it's hard to whine your life is pretty ACE ... No FFS I'm a still on a total runner's high from my Gold Coast Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago ... No FFS My runner's high pauses briefly when I … [Read more...]

The Dark Side

fermenting funny ecard

FFS Friday Send wine ... I have crossed over to the dark side of fermenting ... No FFS I figured my body is so in tune with fermented grapes that I really should branch out a little ... No FFS Who would have thought that my midwifery skills would come in handy?!  It turns out there … [Read more...]

Apartment Living Hell

apartment living hell

FFS Friday Send wine ... What is like to live in an apartment? At first I could not complain about the freebies that came with our Darwin apartment: free rent, wifi, Foxtel, weekly cleaning service that also changes the sheets, fully furnished and free utilities. But yes of course only I can … [Read more...]

Gone Girl

funny cleaning ecard

FFS Friday Send wine... This was supposed to be my Bali Nightmare Part 2, but that's boring, so yesterday and I have a bunch of other things I need to get off my chest today. Moving on ... My IBF (Internet Best Friend) joined me on the blog this week and all I can say is Amy is ACE ... No … [Read more...]

Safe Travels

safe travels funny ecard

Fridays Decanted  Send wine ... Today I'm bringing back the FFS to Fridays because to be honest it just isn't the same without it ... FFS If you don't know what FFS stands for I'll give you a big giant hint - For Fucks Sake. Two weeks ago I was in beautiful Bali to celebrate my Dad's … [Read more...]

The Travelling Glass Bead

Fridays Decanted Send wine ... It has just been the craziest week around here.  On Tuesday night, Maggie woke up after a few hours sleep and was crying and said 'I've got glass in my nose'.  She often wakes up in the middle of a dream and talks nonsense, but she asked for an ice … [Read more...]

No Alcohol Beyond This Point

no alcohol beyond this point

Fridays Decanted Send wine ... I'm at a loss and I really don't know where to start this week.  Darwin is particularly hot this March for some reason and the rain is not plentiful like last year.  More ice in my wine is required.  Annaliese started netball this week which … [Read more...]