A Quarter to Four

first day of preschool letter

Today is Maggie’s first day of Pre-School.  She’s 4 months shy of turning 4 and is incredibly excited about starting school. Her beautiful, bold and bubbly personality shines so brightly that sometimes I have to take a moment and remind myself that she is just three years old and still a … [Read more...]

Raising An Only Child

This Wasn't The Life I Asked For, But It's Mine. I was a super busy mum of four children and then I wasn't, it was that fast.Brutally fast. These days I am raising an only child in 2-bedroom apartment 2500+ kilometres North from a place I used to call home. A place I will likely never call … [Read more...]

What, No Run?

HB Writes Last Wednesday I ran in a 3 - 6 - 9 km race. You had the choice to drop out at the 3km, 6km or 9km. I was in 7th place at the 3km mark, 7th  place on the 6km when the three guys I was pacing off dropped out and I couldn't see the leaders.  Anyway as it turned out there was … [Read more...]

Welcome To Move Fuel Love

Move Fuel LoveChange is more than that jingling noise in your pocket.Change is an inevitable part of all lives. Some of us let change happen and with the efflux of time and we do not notice. Some of us like to break eggs on a regular basis to see if we can make an even better omelette then last … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & A Happy New YearIt's that time of year when I reflect back on the year that has gone, and unfortunately I am not sad to see it go. Not one little bit, and I will welcome 2014 with open arms. Once again I am thankful for everyone that continues to read along. Even though the … [Read more...]

To My Husband On His 40th Birthday

Happy 40th BirthdayDear Brad, I bought your birthday card this week, it's shiny, sparkly and gold.A complete and utter parody of the past four months of our lives.We always knew our union of souls was never going to be an easy ride.But we grabbed each others hands and jumped in head first, … [Read more...]

Reality Bites

So I arrived home from balmy Bali on Monday night to a bitterly cold Perth.Jesus H Christ.But what an amazing adventure the past month has been!I spent the last few days in Bali with a girlfriend, and we had a ball. Both our little girls are just 4 days apart, and we lived up our child free days. … [Read more...]

One Night in Bangkok

BangkokWell actually it was two nights, but on the second we had to get up at 4am to leave for the airport so it totally does not count. We had no free wifi in Bangkok, and for the first time in forever I had a 48 hour break from the Internet. It really was wonderful. OK, I lied. I … [Read more...]

My Mother’s Day

For reasons I cant disclose at this time My Mother's Day did not go according to plan, but then again it never quite does. This past week has been a gentle reminder of what an amazingly supportive family we have. I'm not sure what we would do without them and our close network of friends.I did get … [Read more...]