Ultimate Date Night

Packing for a night away was ridiculously exciting.Thanks to Berlei, HB and I are having an indulgent night away tonight.There is just one catch though ...Maggie is two next month, and we have never ever left her for an entire night. We really are those pathetic older parents. We have on occasion … [Read more...]

Week 9 update

My 12WBT JourneyI managed to cross a few more things off my bucket list in Bali:Run on the beach.Run in a crop top.Wear a size 8 bikini.We took our running gear to Bali, and we planned to do some runs, but I wasn't sure about running on the beach, and how I would go on the soft sand. But it … [Read more...]

Get Up and Go

I am a homebody now more than I ever was.Give me a choice of a day out and about or a quiet day pottering around at home and I will surely choose the latter.But I have learned this past month or so is that this doesn't sit well with an almost two year old. Especially an extroverted toddler who loves … [Read more...]

GTFTS Maggie

I haven't been myself these past few weeks. Disillusioned with life one might say. It certainly doesn't help when your husband chops off a digit and simultaneously your toddler decides sleep day or night is no longer necessary.I tell her this every day... Sleep is good for you, if you don't … [Read more...]

Chocolate Goji Berry Muffins

Chocolate Goji Berry Muffins with Chocolate Ganache RecipeWe are not romantics, HB and I. HB asked me to marry him one Valentine's Day many years ago, it was a stinking hot day, we were sitting in an ice cold bath trying to cool down and he just blurted it out. I figured he had a … [Read more...]

Dear 12WBT Husbands

Dear Perfect Husbands,I hear that a lot of you (Perfect Husbands, Partners, Other Half, Better Half, Boyfriends, Defactos, Stud Muffins, Old Man, Bank Account with Legs, Man Child) are not openly supportive of the lady in your life (the one you live with, not your mother or Angelina Jolie) and her … [Read more...]

Said woman take it slow

PatienceHB has lost his patience with me over these past few weeks.What I mean by lost patience, is he goes quiet, very quiet. Almost like a small toddler that is suddenly silent and you can feel your heart skipping a beat because it's completely out of the norm.It took me a while to figure it out, … [Read more...]