Run Europe

run europe

A few months ago I pointed out some sale fares to Amsterdam to HB, I may have further enticed him by highlighting the fact that the Amsterdam Marathon was well within the sale travel period. We spent quite a bit of time researching different fares and the sale fares came and went along with the … [Read more...]

Hippy Brad Does Sydney

HB's Sydney Marathon Race RecapHappy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Braaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaddddd, Happy birthday to me…Yes there is online evidence that I did indeed sing Happy Birthday to myself as I crossed the finish line on the Sydney Marathon. I had a truly amazing day on … [Read more...]

The Sydney Marathon 2014

Sydney Marathon 2014 - Race RecapThe 40km point ... almost thereLeaving DarwinMy Mum arrived on Thursday and Maggie was just so excited to see her and so were we. We went out for diner that night to watch an ever famous Darwin sunset which did not let us down and then we returned home to do last … [Read more...]

Taper Time

I ended my months of marathon training with the 20km long run from hell on Saturday afternoon. I shouldn't have run, I was still on antibiotics and my entire chest rattled when I breathed. But, only runners will understand when I say the anxiety of skipping the run would have been far worse than the … [Read more...]

My First Marathon

4 days ago I was starting out on a 42 km training run.If this is all you read, then yes I did run the extra 200m at the end to make it 42.2km - my first 'unofficial' marathon.If you train with one of Jeff Galloway's marathon plans you will notice that he requires you to run the distance 3 weeks … [Read more...]

My Top 3 Running Podcasts

I always listen to music when I run. HB used to be the same, but then he discovered he preferred the sound of his own footsteps.So zen.But unlike him I sound like an asthmatic elephant thundering through a jungle when I run.I have spent hours creating playlists, forked out cash on new music and I … [Read more...]

The Long Run

Long Run PreparationHB writes.Are you ready to RUN?Anyone who has transitioned from jogger to runner will have entered into that weekly phase of 'doing the long run'.  The long run is many things. For someone preparing for an event such as a 10k, half marathon or a marathon it is a weekly … [Read more...]

35 Beginner Running Tips

35 Beginner Running Tips

      OK, it's me Sarah writing this post because if HB wrote it: You would never run again. You would not pee yourself with laughter. You would skip over the actual proper technical running jargon. I am funnier.  I win. No seriously, when you first … [Read more...]