Tomato Dahl Recipe

Tomato Lentil Dahl RecipeWhen I was in India I ate dahl almost every day, it's cheap and delicious. It's also super easy to make at home and it is definitely a healthier alternative to traditional comfort foods.Well that last statement may just depend on how much yummy garlic naan bread you decide … [Read more...]

The Long Run

Long Run PreparationHB writes.Are you ready to RUN?Anyone who has transitioned from jogger to runner will have entered into that weekly phase of 'doing the long run'.  The long run is many things. For someone preparing for an event such as a 10k, half marathon or a marathon it is a weekly … [Read more...]

35 Beginner Running Tips

35 Beginner Running Tips

      OK, it's me Sarah writing this post because if HB wrote it: You would never run again. You would not pee yourself with laughter. You would skip over the actual proper technical running jargon. I am funnier.  I win. No seriously, when you first … [Read more...]

Salt Wars

Salt Rantings (Image Credit)Well there are these foodie gurus out there trying to convince me that salt is not salt, and that pretty pink salt and fat grey salt are better for me than plain packaged Aussie table salt.What is salt? Salt in its purest form is 40% Sodium and 60% Chloride. It is … [Read more...]

Good Green Stuff

The Good Green Stuff.This is a sponsored post written by HB for NuZest.I'm not routine supplement taker, powdered food consumer or a believer that the answer to my nutritional needs reside in a plastic container. So for me to take up the challenge of trying out NuZest's Good Green Stuff for two … [Read more...]