Chocolate Paleo Cookies

Healthy Chocolate Paleo CookiesSorry, no Lindt chocolate was used in this creation.I have had a shocking sweet tooth lately. I attempted to try some sugar free lollies whilst we were away but they wreaked havoc on my digestion system. As soon as I got home last week I got stuck into the kitchen and … [Read more...]

White Chocolate & Raspberry Tart

Christmas DessertHere is a super easy dessert that is guaranteed to wow and impress this Christmas. I know this because I tried it out at our family Christmas yesterday and it was a huge hit. Make the tart the day before and then all you need to do is top it with fresh or frozen raspberries two … [Read more...]

Healthy Christmas Star Cookies

Paleo CookiesThe one thing I love about Christmas is the cooking, but thanks to the 12WBT challenge I am doing I am trying hard not to bake. I have been feeling a little sad seeing all the gorgeous Christmas cookies floating around on the interwebs so I decided to make my own healthy … [Read more...]

Healthy Date Muffins

12WBT - Snack FoodThermomix recipe - but you could easily do it in a food processor.I have no problem eating 3 main healthy meals a day, its the snacks I struggle with. I adore eating muffins but at around 400 calories per serve, they are a red flag for 12WBT. I converted my Date Loaf recipe to a … [Read more...]

Moutabbal recipe

Eggplant & Tahini DipEggplants are not only known for their glossy purple-black skins, but they are rich in heart-healthy antioxidants too.Last weekend, HB and I went out for dinner to a Lebanese restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious, but we both agreed on one thing - the smoky … [Read more...]