Rock N Roll Lisbon Half Marathon

rock n roll lisbon half marathon medal

Rock N Roll Lisbon Half Marathon recap  I had heard so many good things about the Rock N Roll running events so when we were deciding whether to run Amsterdam or Lisbon on October 18th I was pretty excited when HB chose Lisbon. I let him decide because he is the one running the full marathon … [Read more...]

This Is Not Personal

Joy, Move Fuel Love

When I rebranded this blog from Dear Baby G to Move Fuel Love I was ecstatic - I had finally found my niche. I realised that I would lose some of my treasured readers at the expense of this discovery, but I needed to move forward. Someone left a comment just last week on how they miss the old … [Read more...]

How I Made Some Ace New Friends

How to make new friends, running friends, Move Fuel Love

  A few months ago I was a bit over living in this rural town. I desperately explored all avenues on how to escape it and there was only one option - HB to switch to FIFO and we buy a small property elsewhere. That was never going to work out. Maggie and HB have this incredible bond … [Read more...]

Trail Runners

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FFS Friday   Apologies that there has not been an FFS Friday for some time, but it's hard to whine your life is pretty ACE ... No FFS I'm a still on a total runner's high from my Gold Coast Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago ... No FFS My runner's high pauses briefly when I … [Read more...]

Gold Coast Half Marathon

gold coast half marathon start line

Gold Coast Half Marathon 2015 Race Recap I wasn't nervous or anxious in the lead-up to this race at all and I put it down to being downright relieved that I was just running the half marathon and not the marathon this time around. Wait?! When did a half marathon become 'just a half marathon'? … [Read more...]

City to Surf Recap

darwin city 2 surf

I almost did not make it to the start line thanks to an extraordinary camping trip to Kakadu the weekend before where hours of 4WDing and hiking prompted my lower back to go on a running strike. A few months ago I would have rejoiced at any excuse to miss a few  training runs, but this time … [Read more...]

Why I Run

why I run

It's 5.30pm, HB has barely been home from work for 15 minutes and I'm lacing up my running shoes and I'm heading out the door. I look down at my Garmin, wait for the GPS to kick in and then I start running, one foot in front of the other, repeat. I'm smiling because I've just conquered one of the … [Read more...]

Run Europe

run europe

A few months ago I pointed out some sale fares to Amsterdam to HB, I may have further enticed him by highlighting the fact that the Amsterdam Marathon was well within the sale travel period. We spent quite a bit of time researching different fares and the sale fares came and went along with the … [Read more...]