Learn To Run Beginners Program

learn to run beginner program

Learn to Run Beginner Program - Part One By Hippy Brad. Running is like crack cocaine. You seriously don’t ever want to try it but once you do you are hooked and will do anything to get your fix.   But where to start? To make it easy for the non-addicts out there, I’m going to write a … [Read more...]

Enough. The having of, and all that.

  When I started thinking about this post, I went looking for inspiration on Pinterest. I love me some Pinterest, I really do. This time, however, under the search term "Enough", i had a screen full of  "You Go Girl" style of images, along the lines of You are enough, he didn't … [Read more...]

Paleo Pancake Recipe

paleo pancake recipe

  There was a huge lead up to my last Mother's Day and from the way HB was carrying on I was expecting BIG things. I thought I was going to get spoilt rotten, but instead I received a sky diving voucher which I begrudgingly used this January. Turns out it was a pretty awesome experience … [Read more...]

Rockingham 10km Race Recap

10km Race Recap

When we planned our trip to Perth we knew we had to add in a race somehow and somewhere because Darwin's running calendar is bleak and sparse. I am so glad we did because this was the run I needed to have. When I signed up with my new running coach a couple of months ago I kind of knew that … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Race Day

5 tips for race day

This post has been written as part of my experience with the Microsoft #WorkWonders program. We have our first race coming up in a couple of weeks time in Perth. HB is running a half marathon and I am set to run the 10km. Planning your outfit and what to bring on race day is all part of the … [Read more...]

Running in Heels


Walk In Her Shoes Challenge 2015 Both HB and I took on this challenge as it's a subject close to our hearts. Between us, we have 4 daughters and we believe that all young girls should have access to food, water, education and healthcare. And this is just the basics that thankfully our kids get to … [Read more...]

Up and Running

anchor quote

The blog is alive but has had many parts amputated. I had no idea how special it was until it was gone. It will take me the rest of the month to reproduce the last few months of posts. I will prioritise those areas that get the most feedback, ie recipes, fitness, personal life and posts that … [Read more...]

Beginner Guide To Ketosis

Beginner guide to ketosis

Beginner Guide To Ketosis I have been reluctant to write about our ketosis experiment for many reasons. Nutrition is a personal thing and it is not a one size fits all. What works for me may not work for you. However, we’ve had quite a few questions about what we are doing, how we are doing it and … [Read more...]

The Easy Run

the easy run

The Easy Run   I signed up with a new running coach and I received my new training plan a couple of weeks ago.  Personally I find that hiring a running coach helps me to stay motivated, focused and on track. In other words, if I pay someone good money to give me advice I am more … [Read more...]