My First Skydiving Experience

My first skydiving experience

The Reluctant Skydiver This post has been written as part of my partnership with Microsoft and their #WorkWonders program.  When HB gave me a skydiving gift voucher for Mother’s Day last year it’s safe to say I reacted to it badly.  I simply cut it up and threw it in the bin and … [Read more...]

2015 Running Goals

Running Goals 2015

2015 is here, and I couldn’t be more excited! There’s a buzz phrase going around … 2015 is the year of YOU! 2015 will be the Year of Sarah. But will 2015 be the Year of You?!? January is typically the month most of us start thinking about our goals, resolutions and bucket lists. I know … [Read more...]

A Christmas Message

Christmas Message 2014

After a crazy busy few months, I am getting ready to wind down, switch off and spend some time with my family.  And the truth of the matter is that after last week’s tragic events in Sydney, Peshawar and Cairns I personally am finding it difficult to be apart from my family. What do I … [Read more...]

One Healthy Day

Detox TimeDetox?! Spoil SportAfter two weeks of being away on and off, eating out and not enough sleep I returned home from Sydney at 11pm on Friday night utterly exhausted. Saturday I spent the day nursing a terrible headache and no matter how much I water I drank I just could not rehydrate my … [Read more...]

Hippy Brad Does Sydney

HB's Sydney Marathon Race RecapHappy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Braaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaddddd, Happy birthday to me…Yes there is online evidence that I did indeed sing Happy Birthday to myself as I crossed the finish line on the Sydney Marathon. I had a truly amazing day on … [Read more...]

The Sydney Marathon 2014

Sydney Marathon 2014 - Race RecapThe 40km point ... almost thereLeaving DarwinMy Mum arrived on Thursday and Maggie was just so excited to see her and so were we. We went out for diner that night to watch an ever famous Darwin sunset which did not let us down and then we returned home to do last … [Read more...]

My First Marathon

4 days ago I was starting out on a 42 km training run.If this is all you read, then yes I did run the extra 200m at the end to make it 42.2km - my first 'unofficial' marathon.If you train with one of Jeff Galloway's marathon plans you will notice that he requires you to run the distance 3 weeks … [Read more...]

Pain, Problems and Persistence

FFS FridayIf these injuries spread I will be yelling for Papa SmurfSo what has been giving me the shits this week?It has been another fun filled week full of mishaps ... FFSGolden rule of marathon training is not to switch to new shoes just a few weeks away from the big day ... No FFSOf course, I … [Read more...]