Fresh Ink

New TattoosAfter months and months of consideration I finally summoned up the courage to get the tattoo I have been wanting for a very long time.And I just adore it. It is not visible with my usual everyday outfits. This is important to me. My wrist tattoo is the only one that can be seen on a … [Read more...]

Bali and Pap Smears

Hello From BaliKuta BeachWhen our good friends from Perth - Nicole and Cyril let us know that they booked a trip to Bali a couple of weeks ago we knew we had to pull every single string imaginable to join them.Despite my incessant post marathon whinging we have not come here to rest, relax and … [Read more...]

The Sydney Marathon 2014

Sydney Marathon 2014 - Race RecapThe 40km point ... almost thereLeaving DarwinMy Mum arrived on Thursday and Maggie was just so excited to see her and so were we. We went out for diner that night to watch an ever famous Darwin sunset which did not let us down and then we returned home to do last … [Read more...]

Welcome To My Wotifia

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Nuffnang and Wotif.What is my Wonderful Wotifia?I don't even have to think about this because I've been planning it for quite some time now. It sits in the back of my head just waiting for the opportunity to make it a reality. Unfortunately, the only way … [Read more...]

Our Queensland Getaway

It has been a tough couple of months here with my ongoing health issues and recent surgery. We are still waiting patiently for my biopsy results to come back but I have a feeling there will be no nasty surprises there. It is however always lurking in the back of your mind and it's hard to relax … [Read more...]

Fitness Weeks #9 and #10 of 52

Pre and Post Holiday FitnessMy halfway point in KutaSarah WritesThis time last week I was running along Kuta beach and thought oh shit we haven't put up our fitness post for the week.  So I stopped halfway and sent HB a text to get started on it and I would finish it whilst he ran. It didn't … [Read more...]

Highly Relevant First World Problems

FFS FridayThis is why I run ... so when an elephant tries to eat me, I am outta there. Mofo.So what has been giving me shits this week?We arrived in balmy Bali Thursday evening ... No FFSIt's only a 2hr 15 min flight from Darwin ... No FFSWe managed to snatch up some super cheap Jetstar flights ... … [Read more...]

Our Summer Holiday Fun With Telstra 4G

Summer LovingThis is a sponsored post for Telstra.Take some time to escape ...But before you do check out this e-book for some fabulous travel ideas from Aussie mums ...Oh look I'm in a Telstra advert!!Visit to view the Telstra e-book which is jam packed full … [Read more...]