Round 1, Week 7 update

My 12WBT JourneyThe first time I have ever exercised on holidays.I promise to be short and sweet this week.This week we were in Melbourne  the foodie capital of Oz and I am happy to say I did not gain a single gram.  I have discovered some self control when it comes to food, and I am very … [Read more...]


FFS FridayYup, you guessed it, we are still on our Christmas vacation. And whilst there have been many FFS moments, there have also been so many brilliant happy memories too. I just can't bring myself to write about them yet.Rest assured though, I have not lost my snark, and I will be back with … [Read more...]

Our Christmas

Christmas 2012We decided to escape Christmas this year and we took a road trip down south.4 kids + Sol the chihuahua.I think I was the happiest with this decision. No days on end of cooking and cleaning up after the masses. Winning!We kept up the family traditions.New pj's hidden under … [Read more...]

One small suitcase

They are fake crocs. Don't judge me. Today I am on my way to Sydney.A while ago I was asked by Nuffnang if I would contribute content to Dettol's Mission for Health campaign. Hmmm let me think about that .... YES. I could not say that word quick enough. It is such an amazing … [Read more...]

A Cable Beach Sunset

Let the sun kiss your head goodnightWatching the sunset over the Indian ocean from Cable Beach in Broome is truly a magical experience that you will never forget. I like to think that a sunset is one of nature's most glorious daily events. The intense saturation of colours that fill the sky will … [Read more...]

Broome Time

Switching to Broome TimeIf you've travelled to Broome you will know exactly what 'Broome time' means. But for those of you who haven't, it's just like a beautiful dream where you linger in a half sleep, half awake trance. You will never see blues and greens together like Broome parades them either. … [Read more...]